Price Alerts - And More

Our Alerts System will alert you of stock movement you want to know about. Not only price and volume, but also moving average cross overs, new highs and new lows, even advanced indicators like Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels.

You can even set an alert for entire watch lists.  Want to know if anything on your list hits a new 52 week high? We’ve got you covered!

Notification Wherever You Are

Never Miss the Action

Never miss the action you seek by receiving in-platform alerts.

Easily see alert triggers in the Platform with pop-up notifications, watch list markings and the alert control panel.

On the move - don't miss out

Push Alerts to Your Mobile Devices

Real-Time Alerts will send to your mobile devices. With just a tap, the App is open and you're ready to trade. With the App, you're just a tap away from the action.

Easy to use - fully integrated

Easy to Add - Easy to Manage

Alerts can be added from the Watch List, Action Menu, Research Page, and many more.

Anywhere you see the Alert Bell, you can add, delete, and manage your Alerts. This makes it easy to let the Investor's Research Tool keep an eye out for you.

You'll easily see alert triggers with pop-up notifications, watch list markings, and the alert control panel.

Easy to Use - Fully Integrated

We offer one of the most complete charting packages in the industry. If you sync with your brokerage account, it will show active trades, prior trades, and options legs on the charts. Build the journal of your results into the charts. Every indicator is customizable. All trades, both current and past, can be displayed. Make the charts your best visual tool.