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Real-Time News

Add a Leading News Provider for Real-Time Actionable Information

TFLT is pleased to partner with Benzinga for real-time news, corporate logos, and their live squawk service. We are the exclusive provider of Benzinga Squawk on the go, meaning you can get their live audio stream of news and key information on our desktop, web, and mobile applications. There is no other place to get Benzinga Squawk via mobile.

Your current version of the Trading Platform includes 15-minute delayed and filtered news limited to Dividend News, M&A News, Earnings News, and Management Change News. This includes one-day delayed “Why Did It Move Yesterday” and 15-minute delayed news from four sources.

Benzinga Real-Time includes all of that in real-time, plus “Why Is It Moving Today,” Analyst Ratings, Insider Trades, Trading Ideas, and Media Reports, plus Benzinga’s Audio Squawk both on desktop and mobile.

You can get a free trial to Benzinga Real-Time for 2 weeks one time only!

Benzinga Why Is It Moving?

All significant price changes are accompanied by a brief, approachable explanation of what caused the move. Get today's real-time audio feed to understand if the move provides an actionable trade.

One of the most powerful features "Why is it Moving?" provides context to why the move is happening.  Was the move a pop/drop or continued run opportunity.

Real-Time Actionable News

Get the inside access traders are using to profit more and win bigger. Original content from the Benzinga Pro News Desk provides actionable information before the market moves.

BZ Real-Time includes these expanded news categories: Earnings, M&A, Dividend, Management Changes, Analyst Ratings, Insider Trades, Trading Ideas, and Media Reports.

Benzinga Squawk

Save time, energy, and screenspace without missing a beat. Audio Squawk by Benzinga streams live every day with key headlines and real-time market updates. And with our mobile Apps, you can listen in real-time from anywhere.

This is not a live feed that includes constant chatter. When there is news you need to hear about that is hitting the wire, the Benzinga Squawk will relay it to you immediately.