Advanced Options Analytics

The Options module is built to keep traders focused on the strategy that they are using. With over 20 options strategies to choose from, our templates allow you to move your strike prices vertically with simple clicks that expose the risk charts for the trade. You can also make custom multi-leg strategies of your own.

Everything is Clickable

Analyze from the Chain

With our robust options analytics, you can view various strike prices, expiration dates, Greeks, etc., straight from the options chain.

Every Strategy Ready to Go

More Than 20 Options Strategy Templates

Our template builder allows you to pick from more than 20 options strategies and find the trade you want. Choose from bull and bear call spreads to strangles to butterflies and condors and more.

An Options Tool for Everyone

Whether you just want to buy a call or put and see it on your chart or you want to dig into deep, complex options strategy, the options module keeps you focused on what you are looking for while offering levels of information.


Our templates explain to you what each options strategy is designed to do and show you the risk and reward potential both visually and numerically.

Ease of Use

We built our user interface with simplicity in mind. You can vertically adjust strike prices with a single click or change expiration months on the fly.

Stay Locked in a Strategy

If you are looking at a specific strategy, the template doesn't allow you to stray outside of the legs of that strategy so you don't end up with an incorrect trade.


Unlike most platforms, you can easily backtest a system or trade going back years using end of day pricing data. See everything on a chart as it would have played out.



Our Charting module offers more than 100 indicators, all with customization available, for stock and options trading on multiple timeframes. The charts also show stock and options positions and allow you to adjust trades directly.

More Than Just Charts

Everything Visual

Our charts show indicators and positions, but also prior trades, backtesting, and more when you need them to.


Indicators Your Way

We have hundreds of indicators so you can pick the tools you care about and then customize them to match your exact needs. The platform also teaches you what each indicator is based on. Unlike most platforms, many of our indicators are based on fundamental data and not just technical data.

Your Trades: Past, Present, and Future

We offer one of the most complete charting packages in the industry. If you sync with your brokerage account, it will show active trades, prior trades, and options legs on the charts. Build the journal of your results into the charts. Every indicator is customizable. All trades, both current and past, can be displayed. Make the charts your best visual tool.






Trade Journal

One of the most popular modules of the platform is the Trade Journal. All fixed trade types are tagged with hashtags such as #ironcondor and #bullspread, but traders can also add their own custom tags to every trade for easy sorting and reporting. Many lesser trade journals exist in the industry for more than the cost of the total platform.

Success Lies in Results

Industry-Leading Trade Journal

Successful traders analyze their results to find patterns in what works and what doesn't. Our Trade Journal module is one of the deepest in the industry for visually breaking down trades into clear reports.

Visual and Easy

Trade Analytics

Our analytics and reporting let you sort your trades and track results based on trade type, or however you want to sort the results.

Journaling Made Easy

The platform includes an industry-leading journal and reporting system that allows the user to tag all trades and sort them later. A powerful reporting tool, the journal is designed to show traders in various levels of statistical and visual detail where their strengths and weaknesses are.


Hashtags allow you to sort your trades by type and analyze the results so you can see which trade setups are the most profitable over time.


Set any account to auto-journal the trades. The platform will do this automatically. But, you can also add your own hashtags and notes.

Journal Trades on Charts

View a group of trades in the journal, and then see a visual representation of the trades on a chart to show you when the trade was in play.

Reports and Analytics

Pick a hashtag and get a breakdown of all of the trades that have that tag. Sort by type and then drill down into specific results for that trade type.


The Next Generation

Stock and Options

Research Platform

Easy to Use - Yet Comprehensive


Advanced Options

Trade Journal


Scans & Screener

Any Device

Any Platform

Any Browser

Built for Traders

Retail Trading Platform

We took our best trading tools and built a product for retail traders. As an individual user, you'll get chart trading, our advanced options chains, our industry-leading journal, trade sharing, and more.

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Resell the iVestPlus Product

Affiliate Program

If you want to resell iVestPlus to your customers and teach them how to trade, the easiest solution is to become an affiliate. You'll get all of the tools you need to train your traders, plus your own custom login page.

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Build Your Own Business

Full White Label Solutions

If you want to grow your business and offer your own trading platform, select our White Label option. You can choose the components you want, plus we offer turnkey solutions on customer billing and tracking.

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The Modular Trading Platform

At iVestPlus, we have built the next generation trading platform for stocks and options traders to help educators and individual traders alike. Each of our components is modular and can be built into the product to suit your business needs.

Trade Journal

Industry leading journal system for tracking your results.

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Advanced Options

More than 20 options strategies to choose from.

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Deep Charting

Modern charts with tons of indicators and full back-testing.

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Fast access to deep layers of fundamental data.

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Trade Sharing

Work with friends by showing them your trades in real-time.

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Backtest Options Strategies with 15 years of options data.

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Built for Speed

All components of the iVestPlus platform were built as a progressive web app on the latest technology, including HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Whether you want to work from desktop, browser, or mobile, our tools are designed to push the limits of today’s and tomorrow’s platforms to give you a clean, fast trading experience.

Read About the Technology


We have native mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad users that include all of the same features of our browser and desktop applications.

Seamless Transfer to Mobile

We made a unique mobile experience that works the same as browsers and desktop versions so you don’t have to learn a different interface.

Global Themes

Pick a color scheme and it transfers to all versions of the app. We support everything from light to dark and all shades in between.

Sideways Chart Scrolling

Turn your phone sideways and you’ll get a bigger version of the chart you are viewing, plus side scroll to jump to the next stock in your Watchlist.

More Than Adaptive

With native apps for phones and tablets, we have optimized screen layouts for each product. Every inch of your screen matters.

Native Apps

Mobile and More

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Any Browser

Your Broker. Your Choice.

Brokerage Integration

There is a good chance that you or your customers already have an account that connects to our product. We have integrated with the top names in the industry through various brokerage APIs. Getting started is simple, and if you don’t already have an account with one of these brokerages, you can typically open one in a day.

…and more