The Power of the Score

Our Charting module offers more than 100 indicators, all with customization available, for stock and options trading on multiple timeframes. The charts also show stock and options positions and allow you to adjust trades directly.

More Than Just Charts

Everything Visual

Our charts show indicators and positions, but also prior trades, backtesting, and more when you need them to.


Indicators Your Way

We have hundreds of indicators so you can pick the tools you care about and then customize them to match your exact needs. The platform also teaches you what each indicator is based on. Unlike most platforms, many of our indicators are based on fundamental data and not just technical data.

Your Trades: Past, Present, and Future

We offer one of the most complete charting packages in the industry, including showing active trades, prior trades, and options legs on the charts. Build the journal of your results into the charts. Every indicator is customizable. All trades, both current and past, can be displayed. Make the charts your best visual tool.